Although we like to take an in depth look at one or two artists a week, every now and then we like to shake it up and bring you a few singles that are just too good to miss.  Lucky for you that this is one of those weeks – we’ve got some fabulous artists that are new to Angry Baby and a few favourites that are returning for a second or even third time. 

To kick us off we have President Street and ‘Heartbreak Player’. Exploring the complexities of love and relationships, the track embraces that all too familiar struggle of head and heart pulling in opposite directions. Mixing hypnotic vintage synths with fresh beats and Ruby’s soulful and emotive voice, ‘Heartbreak Player’ takes you on a journey of the hope felt when you initially lock eyes with someone across a crowded room and feel the sparks fly, through to that moment when you realise that you’ve once again been drawn to the same old heartbreak. This track is fresh and innovative and buzzes with excitement and apprehension and perfectly captures the confusion of following that familiar self-destructive pattern.


New to Angry Baby is Stacey Jackson, of Stacey Jackson in the 80’s fame.  Topping the dance charts on both sides of the Atlantic, Stacey collaborated with iconic rapper, Snoop Dogg on her track ‘Live It Up, featuring Snoop Dogg’, which was recently rebooted and re-released after she appeared in a cameo in the comedy Reboot Camp.  I love this track – it’s fun, fun, fun!

A different sound completely comes from Ziggy Alberts‘ ‘I Believe’, written,  as Ziggy says, as a mantra to “remain strong through hard times…I deeply needed a song to sing that would keep my eyes out to the horizon, beyond the storms we face…It’s a reminder to celebrate our differences and see that love really does bridge the gap between them.”  Ziggy’s signature guitar melody and uplifting lyrics, make ‘I Believe’ a magnetic earworm track – be warned!

If you’re a fan of acoustic folk, then the music of Sharon Lazibyrd is for you.  Released on 3 December is Sharon’s first new track for a while, ‘Scrolling Back’.  It’s a beautifully written and sung three minutes of heartbreak about the end of a relationship.  Have a tissue ready.

Last but not least are two gems from Quietype and Johnno Casson.  Quietype’s ‘Fixated‘ is a great dance-pop track whilst Johnno keeps to his always interesting oeuvre with ‘Here Come the Freaks‘.

President Street

Stacey Jackson

Ziggy Alberts


Johnno Casson

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