Merseyside singer/songwriter Christy Bellis released her first single of 2023 in June.  ‘Lost In The Inbetween’ was recorded and produced by Christy and her father, in their home ‘studio’ and is a track that is sonically warm and comforting, juxtaposed by a feeling of uncertainty and doubt. It reflects on
the dilemma shared by a whole generation, who want to escape, explore and dream, but will always have that unbreakable bond with where it all started.

Speaking about the track, Christy said: ‘I wrote this song, when I moved back home unexpectedly, after living in London for so many years. Writing it was my outlet as I tried to figure out exactly where I wanted to be, grappling between the comforts of home and the pressures of the big city. I’ll always love my hometown, it’s played a huge part in shaping me; but since I was young I’ve always had this gut feeling that it wasn’t my forever place. This feels like the perfect moment to release this track, having felt like I’ve found the place that makes me feel most at home right here in Liverpool. A city that has the ability to wrap me up in the comforts of home whilst challenging and inspiring me creatively everyday.’

Christy is accompanying the release with artwork by Orange Projects (Matt Kyprian), a live music photographer and graphic designer from Runcorn (Christy’s hometown). She felt it was important to collaborate with a local artist from the place that inspired this song

Lost in the Inbetween was released on 16 June.

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