Merseyside singer Christy Bellis has returned with her first single of 2022. Her first release since debut EP Human Nature at the end of 2021, This Girl is a gorgeous, 80’s inspired ballad.  The track follows the story of Christy fighting with existential anxiety and feelings of lowness shared by an entire generation, especially after the last couple of years.

Speaking about the track, Christy said: “It began almost as a diary entry, a way to clear my thoughts and bring myself out of a really low time in my life. As a lot of twenty-somethings seem to be doing, I was battling with thoughts of failure and confusion about my path in life. It felt as though my dreams were getting further and further out of reach. It was also as if I was portraying ‘Christy’ to the entire world, yet on the inside I didn’t even recognise myself. I wrote this song to help me recognise the need for something to change; my mindset needed to shift. I often come back to the song now if I ever feel myself slipping back into that place.”

The power ballad style is evident from the very first beat and Christy’s measured vocals match suit the style perfectly.  The lyrics concentrate on letting This Girl go, taking back control from your inner self, having the right mindset and moving onwards and upwards in strength.

Girl was released on 10 June.

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