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Josephine Philip: We Get Lost and Found

Copenhagen based singer Josephine Philip released her debut solo album, We Get Lost and Found, earlier this year after performing with and founding several bands, notably JaConfetti, Favelachic and Dullen & Dyken. Josephine began working on the album during the winter of 2019 with producer and musician Lasse Martinussen and the process accelerated in the pandemic spring of 2020. The...


Scott Lloyd: Waterlands

When the world went into lockdown, singer songwriter Scott Lloyd began volunteering as a gardener in the spectacular grounds of Cheshire's Dunham Massey Estate and immediately connected with a new feeling of inner peace. Without weekly gigs, the connection with outside space became necessary to Scott's music, allowing an almost meditative experience to evolve into song writing inspiration. ...


Camel Power Club: Narukanaga

French outfit Camel Power Club last month released an album full of the sounds of summer.  Narukanaga is a sixteen track album that feels like a dream world filled with catchy, dreamy pop tunes that are redolent of summer nights and the world of clubbing. You might well be asking what Narukanaga means - according to frontman Leonard, the word derives from an antique spell book, something that...


Alli Bean: Outside Voice

The voice belonging to this week's featured artist is the sort of voice that knocks you off your feet at first listen.  Canadian singer and pianist Alli Bean is the owner of that voice and this week released her debut album, Outside Voice.  With a few songs already written, the absence of her normal live performance opportunities in during the pandemic led Alli to collaborate and record with...



Tachys is a new duo consisting of Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation, New York United, Ghost Society, Bichi) and Jonas Bjerre (Mew, Apparatiik), childhood friends who found themselves in adjacent Copenhagen studios during lockdown and started a collaboration that led to their eponymous debut album.  For Tobias and Jonas, the only music they wanted to produce was music that experimented and...


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