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The Kut: Grit

Hailing from Blackpool, The Kut (Maha) started making music in a band aged fourteen, even winning the local Battle of the Bands.  However, it wasn't until moving to London a while later that she was able to record and crowd fund her first release.  Her second album, Grit, received Art Council funding and has just been released, in conjunction with a UK tour. Grit is a story of independence,...


Raz & Afla: Mama Weja

East London based Raz & Afla, (Raz Olsher and Afla Sackey) recently released a five track EP of afro-house music anchored in West African musical traditions, with big, lush vocal harmonies and a style that lets acoustic percussion truly speak.  Entitled Mama Weja, the EP comes ahead of a proposed album launch later in the year. The lead single and opening track 'Survive' is a joyful...


Equipe de Foot: Geranium

French rock duo Equipe de foot (Alex and Mike) released their third album Geranium in June, teaming up with producer and sound engineer (and fellow Beatles fan) Johannes Buff at Shorebreaker studio in Tarnos, France. A meaningful choice in technical and artistic terms, Johannes was able to blend the wall of guitars-sound that is associated with Equipe de Foot as well as reaching the emotional...


Josephine Philip: We Get Lost and Found

Copenhagen based singer Josephine Philip released her debut solo album, We Get Lost and Found, earlier this year after performing with and founding several bands, notably JaConfetti, Favelachic and Dullen & Dyken. Josephine began working on the album during the winter of 2019 with producer and musician Lasse Martinussen and the process accelerated in the pandemic spring of 2020. The...


Scott Lloyd: Waterlands

When the world went into lockdown, singer songwriter Scott Lloyd began volunteering as a gardener in the spectacular grounds of Cheshire's Dunham Massey Estate and immediately connected with a new feeling of inner peace. Without weekly gigs, the connection with outside space became necessary to Scott's music, allowing an almost meditative experience to evolve into song writing inspiration. ...


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