With two highly acclaimed singles to his name, Kwun has firmly established himself as a developing artist to watch.  His third single, ‘Happiness, Part 2’. is an audio-visual experience that features collaborations with orchestrator Jonas Petersen (Hans Zimmer), international sound healer Yantara Jiro (Gregg Braden) and renowned creative artist Dianne Harris (Coldcut, Future Sound of London).

Kwun wrote and recorded Happiness, Part 2’ directly after a series of meditations. “I felt a heightened sense of clarity which connected me to this natural state of happiness and joy, and from that came a deep recognition that this state is in fact present in us at all times. The song is a direct expression of that experience.”

Listening to the track, you may notice a different language sung in the verses to the English lyrics of the chorus. This unique language is light language, a powerful healing tool that is expressed in different ways with a common purpose to help awaken the spirit and align us with who we truly are. Kwun sings Light Language in the track whilst Yantara Jiro, a pioneer in Sound Medicine and Quantum Healing, contributes to the accompanying videos with his Light Language drawings in response to the music. As a result, the listening experience feels experimental yet comforting, it’s music with a warm, emotional heart.

Based between the UK and Mexico, Kwun is at the cutting edge of a movement of conscious artists leading the way into a New Paradigm, weaving a rich tapestry of styles that include Rock, Americana, Funk and all the spaces in between.  He records his music using 432Hz tuning, which is a frequency that aligns with both nature and the human body, as opposed to the commonly used 440Hz standard.  He considers Happiness, Part 2 his most important release to date – the song is intended to be an energetic transmission for the purpose of helping us to remember who we truly are.

Happiness, Part 2 was released on 16 June.

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