Canadian trio Jon, Jordan and Mitch comprise a Toronto based band, Quietype.  Quietype will shortly release their eponymous EP and the sound can be best described as eclectic, giving music reviewers the world over a headache when deciding what to tag and label the band as.  So I took the easy option and ducked out – you’ll have to make your own minds up.

The lead single, ‘Island‘ uses synths and a pulsing R&B rhythm to convey the sadness of a disintegrating relationship.  The music feels melancholic and perfectly complements the lyrics that tell of “just wanna hold you” and “I just can’t stop [loving you]”.   About this, the band say

There were so many layers, so many unique sounds and tones we wanted to incorporate. For us, it was mainly about finding the balance of incorporating all the sounds we had in our heads while still keeping the song subtle and clear.


Carrying on from ‘Island’, the rest of Quietype explores the pain of ending a relationship. It’s a brutally honest depiction of a relationship that is slowly, quietly fracturing, having of course once been the source of joy.  ‘Caroline‘ examines the emotional fallout of one partner wanting out – “you’ve been tripping over trying to get away…why’d you go”.  Rather like Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane, you listen to this track in particular, hoping that Caroline is not a real person. 

Hold Me Down‘ is a sweet sounding ballad that deals with that well trodden path to putting off the inevitable end of a relationship; suffering anything is acceptable, just so long as ‘we’re together’.  The isolation of being in the same place as someone but afraid to touch in case it breaks the spell comes to the fore in this track – the abrupt ending reminds you that happy endings can be somewhat elusive. 

The seven tracks of Quietype lead to a quite visceral listening experience – we accompany Jon, Jordan and Mitch on a journey full of emotional fallout which might sound draining but turns out to be surprisingly peaceful. 

The band’s advice to aspiring musicians concentrates on being true to yourself:

Make art that is authentic to yourself. If you focus on making music that you resonate with and are proud of everything else will fall into place.

Quietype is released on February 28 on Pink Rose Records. Get your copy here.

Follow the band at:

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