We’re always happy to hear a new, uniquely quirky, yet supremely talented artist. So when Sophie Coran dropped her single “All That Matters” back in August ’17, we were delighted to review it here. We knew that it was a portent of things to come, so we awaited her sophomore EP with eager anticipation. Our patience has been repaid, as Coran’s five-track mini-album, also titled All That Matters, was released on January 12th 2018.

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Opening with “Jimmy”, which was the first single from the EP back in June ’17, Coran sets out her stall as an accomplished jazz-blues musician. With signature vocals ranging over piano, horns and percussion, courtesy of Philadelphia band Darla, this is an arrangement to be reckoned with, both in depth and in complexity. “Feel It All” continues the vibe, solidly built and tightly delivered. This is the work of an artist who knows the art of orchestration, which is hardly surprising since Coran was playing piano when most kids are still learning to tie their shoelaces. And don’t doubt that she’s worked at her craft – a degree in classical composition and the Shure Songwriting Award demonstrate her well-served apprenticeship.

“In a Minute” is Coran in a cheeky, flirty mood. A story of momentary infidelity, the song is an honest reflection of short lived wine-bar romance.

“I’m craving some attention,
I don’t even care if we have a connection

A track for rich, laid-back jazz playlists everywhere, “Close” is Coran at her intimate chanteuse finest. We know she can carry a tune, but the intricacy of her delivery, layered over Darla’s blues infused horns and with the smoothest of snares, provides two minutes of jazz-club magic. “All That Matters” introduced us to Coran, and it has survived the test of time, deserving its place in this collection like a well-loved friend and a dinner party. Witty and intriguing, this is Coran’s love song to the restaurant trade and the people she’s served through the years.

“I’d do anything for them,
And they’re me when they’re drunk.”

Closing the album, Coran steps out from her familiar place at the piano for “That’s What Love Is”. Slightly pop, slightly edgy, this track gives a glimpse of Coran’s versatility with an up-tempo ode to the perfect relationship we all crave but rarely find.

“Just tell me I count,
That you can’t be without me,
Maybe that’s what love is.”

Blending Coran’s smokey vocals with exciting musicianship, All That Matters is a tour de force of jazz-blues artistry. Sharply observed, Coran brings a wit to her work that tempers intensity with joie-de-vivre. This is jazz to enjoy, breaking out of the weep-along mold that has defined so many of her contemporaries and offering a new focus on female life experience. Yes, she can make mistakes. Yes, she can have fun while she does it. And yes, she can wrap it all into a collection of deliciously deep and intimately intricate music.

Sophie’s advice for anyone just starting out with their music is confident and supportive:

Write as much as you can so that you’re practicing the craft of songwriting and have material to later record and release. Go to open mic nights, and play as many shows as you can. Meet other musicians. Support those people by going to their shows and posting about their releases on social media. Try to remember that it’s all a process and there’s no set path. Most importantly, enjoy that process and as long as you’re progressing, you’re doing it ‘right!’ 🙂

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