With her smoky-soulful voice and hypnotic, jazz-infused arrangements, Sophie Coran‘s “All That Matters” is a song of obsession…with a twist.

The twist? It’s not about love nor any of the usual subjects that haunt good music. No, it actually tells a story of the seductive world of the restaurant industry, describing how easy it is to get lost there while also revealing Sophie’s intimate relationship with food and drink.

Sadly, we know little more of this, but the song speaks with its own eloquence:

I’ve become so wrapped up in it
I’ve forgotten what’s important
Holding on, can’t seem to quit it,
You’ve become my something constant

Whether or not you share Sophie’s attachment to all things culinary, her music has the capacity to transport listeners to a sultry blues bar, somewhere familiar yet a long way from home.

“All That Matters” is the second single release from her forthcoming sophomore EP.

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A classically-trained composer, Sophie Coran applies her skills to enrich cleverly-layered arrangements, allowing her cocoa-smooth vocals to slide effortlessly through the song.

Sophie’s advice for anyone just starting out with their music is confident and supportive:

Write as much as you can so that you’re practicing the craft of songwriting and have material to later record and release. Go to open mic nights, and play as many shows as you can. Meet other musicians. Support those people by going to their shows and posting about their releases on social media. Try to remember that it’s all a process and there’s no set path. Most importantly, enjoy that process and as long as you’re progressing, you’re doing it ‘right!’ 🙂

With a style honed through performances in her home town of Philadelphia and as far afield as London, New York, and Copenhagen, although there are no forthcoming live performances listed on her website, it’s worth keeping in touch through social media to see where Sophie Coran will be entertaining the world next.

Here are those all-important links:

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“All That Matters” was released on August 25th, and we were delighted to premiere it in The Revue. Get your copy here.

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