If you’re feeling the lockdown blues, you’re not alone – at some time or another we’re all going to feel it.  What can we do about it, other than watch umpteen episodes of (insert your favourite show) or endlessly bake, assuming you can get hold of any flour?  If you’re reading this, then you’re a music lover and music is always a great way to connect with emotion and lift our moods.  Based on this idea, we got together a few of our favourite Angry Baby featured artists and came up with this online concert.  It premiered this week on Facebook and it was awesome – thanks everyone for joining us and if you couldn’t make it, this blog post is for you.  It’s also for the ones who could make it and want to watch again – tell us in the comments which video is your favourite.

Beginning with the guitar of Adrian Conner of Beaux Cheveux and ending with the guitar of Liam Holmes, the artists in between were mainly accompanied by guitar and included Mark Crockard of Willow Springs, Fiona Harmon of The Wicked Ravens, Mark Mathews, Sharon Lazibyrd, Luke James Williams and Sadie Jemmett.  Bucking the trend were Optivion with their unique brand of experimental electronica and the mainly spoken word of P.O.P.E. the Poet.

If you want to see more of these artists, some are holding their own lockdown online concerts / showcases:

Adrian Conner – Facebook lives on Wednesdays 9pm CST / 3am UK and Fridays 7pm CST / 1am UK

Mark Mathews – YouTube Lockdown Lullabies

Sadie Jemmett – Facebook Home Alone lives

Liam Holmes – Facebook daily Cuppa and Song

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