Drove is the debut EP from Cambridgeshire based alt. indie/folk singer-songwriter Luke James Williams, following his debut single, ‘Jenny Writes Letters‘, in 2017. The EP was recorded by Luke at home, mixed with Nick Kozuch at Unit Studios in Letchworth, Herts and mastered in New York City by Josh Bonati.

Drove is a collection of songs filled with heartfelt emotion, accompanied by gentle guitar sounds alternated with more rootsy indie rhythms and it’s safe to say that he has a uniquely British singing style, reminiscent of Liam Gallagher’s vocals at times. An example of this is the lead single, ‘Rabbit Hole’, released earlier in the month, which is a song about watching someone self destruct in front of you and desperately trying to make them stop, to save them. The song works it’s way through this maelstrom of emotions before finally admitting that you can only save someone who wants to be saved. This rather bleak story arc contrasts with the beauty of the melody, as does the rest of the EP.

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Snares and Traps‘ and ‘Still in Bed‘ showcase Luke’s undoubted talent as a lyricist; the words encapsulate the story of the song in a very British way. “All the snares and all the traps I built” and “I’m still in bed with the words you said when you left” resonating the most. Both these songs, along with the others that make up Drove, come together to tell a story of love and heartbreak. Each song has it’s own take on relationships that have either broken down or are what might be termed, problematic. This might become a classic heartbreak EP, particularly with Luke’s heartfelt singing style which results in a powerful vocal performance. By the end of Drove, you hope that these songs are not autobiographical, given the almost unrelenting sadness of the songs. However, these lyrics are accompanied by some really beautiful melodies and instrumentations, which take the edge off the darkness and bring you back to listen time and time again.

Luke’s advice to young musicians highlights the importance of sticking to your own voice: “Be yourself and find your own voice and/or playing style. This is as unique to you as your fingerprint and no one sees the world quite like you do. New voices and new perspectives are what excite me as a listener and if you are true to yourself and love what you do then people will listen and people will appreciate your music.”

Drove is released on November 23. Get your copy here.

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