DIDI has had quite a year. Since stepping out from behind the mixing desk, where she built a solid reputation as an award-winning producer, she’s created a rapidly-growing portfolio of self-penned, self-performed music. DIDI is a favourite with Angry Baby readers, since we featured her debut single “Sorry” – which hit #1 in the Angry Baby summer chart 2017 – and follow-up “Back Off” – which was featured in The Revue’s Hidden Gems of 2017 – she’s continued to create provocative, engaging music.

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DIDI’s fourth single “Fast and Furious” continues her quirky, conversational, relatable style. A song in three acts, it plays out the tension between going all-in or holding back, familiar to anyone in a new relationship. The transition at 1 min 40 is pure genius – a moment to catch breath before a rock outro takes over. The entire epic is packed into a radio-friendly 2 min 48 track. The track is produced by Rhiannon Mair who also drums in DIDI’s band.

Fast and Furious isn’t just the title of DIDI’s single. It’s an expression of her work rate, too. Let’s celebrate her rapidly-growing catalogue with a quick audio-review of her singles:

And as if it’s not enough to write, produce and release four great tracks in a year, there’s the remixes. Some in collaboration with other producers, others setting out DIDI’s remarkable capacity to reinterpret and recreate her own compositions. Take a listen to the many-facets of debut single “Sorry”:

And multi-orchestrated versions of “Back Off”:

Fast and Furious was released on 9th February. Get your copy here

Catch DIDI on a double headline tour with Rookes – dates so far are:

9th May The Castle and Falcon Birmingham
11th May The Hospital Club London
1st June Cafe Kino – Bristol

…more dates to follow so keep your eyes opn at:

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