Finding an artist just as they are emerging into the spotlight of the music business is always a delight. Especially when there’s the feeling that this is someone with something important to say, and someone who is going to find a massive audience to say it to.

Meet DIDI, an artist who, in less than six months, has attracted attention from the great and the good of the music business. Her music – feisty, provocative and exciting – demands a hearing. And her energy, well, that’s something else. Not only is every note, every word, delivered with guts and gusto, but her writing is rapid-fire, creating enviable momentum. Jump on and enjoy the ride.

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Following on from debut single ‘Sorry’ and sophomore release ‘Awkward’ comes ‘Back Off’, proving that DIDI has the spirit and strength to keep putting attention-grabbing songs into the world. Complete with her now-signature punk-angst, delivered with humour and relatability, ‘Back Off’ pushes against the in-your-face everyday abuse that takes place on public transport, or in cafes, stores, high streets and…well..everywhere. Grabbing the zeitgeist of assertiveness, DIDI provides an anthem for anyone who is fed up with victim-blaming and being told to ‘suck it up and move on’.

‘Cause he knows so much more than you
We just want you to know
That we’re sick of being round you and we want you to go

We just want you to see that we’re doing fine without you and we want you to leave

There’s musical fun to be had here too. Blazing guitars, crazy percussion and multi-layered vocals that swoop from angry to sweet and back again. The subject may be serious, but the music is cheeky, chatty and engaging enough to keep you singing along to the end. Which, at just under 3 minutes, is perfect for radio play. DIDI knows her craft as well as her performance.

Where will DIDI go from here? With a trilogy of punk-infused art-pop thrown into the world with abandon, and a growing audience salivating for more, we’re at the front of the queue to see – and hear – what she will come up with next. Meanwhile, we’re definitely not backing off. This is one tune that will be playing out the summer on repeat.

Back Off is released on 28th August

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