London based Geordie girl Carly Burns today releases another song straight from the heart raising awareness for an incredibly important subject matter. For Carly’s fourth release she dedicates ‘Now You Fly’ to her friend who sadly took his own life during the pandemic. The song speaks volumes to people who suffer in silence and Carly hopes her listeners will connect and gain strength through the song. 

Being a Musical Theatre performer as well as singer songwriter Carly is no stranger to the struggles and demands artists face every day in order to maintain their careers. Whether its financial struggles, self-esteem, confidence, anxiety/ depression, the industry can be very demanding and testing. Carly wants to use her platform to raise awareness that you are not alone. 

The song is beautifully composed, emotional and powerful forcing its listeners to really get into their feels and find strength in that. The lyric “Now You Fly” relates to the acceptance of the grief and being able to find peace that the suffering is now over.

January can be a month of real struggles and mental health dips and Carly hopes her single will bring strength in this difficult month to those who may need it. She says “I have been developing this song for a year and a half and the whole process has been like therapy to me. Through some insanely intense lows, my music has allowed me to release my grief and find strength. The recording studio day was extremely emotional, and I hope my listeners can hear my heart being poured out because that exactly what I did.”

Now You Fly was released on 10 January 2023 which is Carly’s friends birthday.

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