London-based Geordie Carly Burns turns up the heat with her newest single ‘Sweetheart’, which was released on the 18th of August. An alluring concoction of pop, sparkling instrumentation, and huge, powerful big notes make ‘Sweetheart’ a gorgeous mixture of absolute pop, with a little dash of dance.

As we dive into this single, we find out that its inspiration comes from an unbreakable force. Fused with the stylistic direction of the song, ‘Sweetheart’ is Y2K’s answer to the romantic fairy tale, recast with Carly and her childhood sweetheart. Carly says that “we’ve been through so much together, but he really is my soulmate and every word in this song is true.  A lot of my songs would come from a dark place, and I would turn that into a banger. Of course, I love that, but what’s so special about this song is that it really has just been nothing but absolute joy from the get-go, from writing it, recording, getting produced… it’s just been a pleasure.”

Starting her career on the stage, Carly has performed in lead roles in London and travelled the world in renowned productions, such as playing the Acid Queen in The Who’s Tommy, alongside X Factor Rockstar Giovanni Spano. Carly is currently touring the UK, starring in producer Bill Kenwright’s award-winning hit musical Blood Brothers, playing the supporting lead role of Linda, alongside X Factor’s Niki Evans. 

Sweetheart was released on 18 August.

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