When you’ve been following an artist as closely as we’ve been watching Albert Man, a new release is always a time of joy and anticipation. He’s been working on a batch of new music for 2018 and the first offering, the single “Say Something Loving”, drops on 2 February.

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Albert Man has the kind of voice that sells a love song without getting all mushy and melancholy. Sit him at a piano and he’ll tell it like it is. Relatable charm shines through spot-on storytelling, which is why he’s been steadily gathering a following of fans who appreciate that lived-in style. “Say Something Loving” takes it up a notch or three. This is Man revealing his soul side, no holds barred, crying out for commitment:

“When I’m with you why do you pretend,
That we’re nothing much more than friends?,
If there’s any room left in your heart,
Say something loving.”

Don’t worry, the keyboards are still there, but there’s dreamy production, engagingly intermittent percussion and deliciously layered backing, supporting his signature, searing vocals.

Squeezed into a radio-friendly 3-minute, 38-second track, “Say Something Loving” sets out Man’s stall as an artist to be reckoned with in 2018. And if you need any more convincing, check out the accompanying video. We predict that animations will be big this year, and Man is definitely ahead of the trend with this gem.

Albert Man’s advice to anyone just starting out with their music is perfect for the DIY musician :

‘Learn to do everything yourself and get someone who loves you to help you out. By everything I mean get your own gigs, promote your own music, get involved with social media and network, learn how to use Pro Tools or Logic, learn how to use Final Cut Pro and make your own videos. Also don’t get disheartened at knock backs, even David Bowie had them ;)’

The single can be pre-ordered here and you can catch Albert Man live in London on 7 February, at the 1901 Arts Club – tickets here.

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