Albert Man was one of Angry Baby’s top 5 artists in 2016, thanks to his album Cheap Suit and the free download of the title track that he gave to Angry Baby readers. So we eagerly awaiting his next release, which came in the shape of an EP, modestly titled Nothing Of Nothing Much. Albert took to the water to create the music, recording and mixing on a 100 year old Dutch barge called the Grand Cru which just happens to be Pete Townshend’s floating recording studio.

Before you read on, Albert Man is giving a FREE download of “Cheap Suit”, the title track from his first album, to Angry Baby readers. If you’re not already subscribed to Angry Baby, just pop the email address that you’d like it delivered to here and it will be on its way to you straight away, together with a bumper collection of music that has been shared by Angry Baby. The music comes from outstanding artists that you may not have heard before. With a mix of rock, pop, folk…you name it…there’s bound to be something new that floats your musical boat, and all for free! What’s not to like about that?!

Opening Track “I Feel Like Dancing” is the toe-tapping expression of joy that the title promises, and it has already met with the approval of cutting-edge tastemakers over at Fresh On The Net and BBC Introducing. Listing all the things that can and do go wrong in life (and which – in a country ballad – would create rapid-onset depression) Albert reminds us to put a record on “get that feeling deep within” and feel our hearts sing. The perfect antidote to February blues, this is piano-led pop to bring the nation to its feet.

What do we miss when we’re looking for perfection? Taking a philosophical turn, “Diamond In The Rough” questions the value of love vs money, when plenty of the former can’t seem to compensate for a lack of the latter. Showcasing the bitterly poignant side to Albert’s vocals, the track builds from the simplest scaffolding of story-telling, leaving recollection space for the listener’s own experience.

Returning to Albert’s cheeky side, “Riding Shotgun” paints a picture of carefree, summer days of sunshine, new love and favourite cars. If only he could get the girl! With a touch of honky-tonk to the piano, and snapshots of rock guitar from Rhys Downing, this is definitely one for the road trip.

Opening with tinkling chords and introducing Collette Williams’s delicate vocal harmonies, “You Had Me At Hello” is a testimony to love at first sight. With a classical/country crossover flavour, beautifully supported by Sarah Lynch’s violin (previously heard with Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran and The Strokes, to name a few), this is a reflection on the million little things that make relationships last – right from the first hello. If you’re looking for a song to dance to at your golden wedding anniversary, this could well be it.

While delivering contrasts in style and tempo, Albert’s songs always hit the nail on the head. Maybe he has been through the relationship mill, or perhaps he is a consummate story maker. Either way, there is an inevitable thread of truth which the listener can weave into the warp and weft of their own experience. “Do You Think About Me?” speaks to those moments when old loves come to mind and we wonder what might have been. Stripped back and emotionally raw, Albert’s performance is touchingly vulnerable, cradled in the strength of his astonishing vocal control.

Rounding off the EP is a bonus, live version of “You Had Me At Hello”, proving that Albert and his band can transfer from studio to stage.

Albert Man’s Nothing Of Nothing Much EP was released on the 3rd February 2017. Get your copy here and follow Albert Man on
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