Daylight Fades to Midnight from Canterbury based singer songwriter Will Newman, is a nostalgic journey through the myriad of emotions associated with relationships. More specifically, the album gives an insight into Will’s own experience with love and relationships and all the ups and downs that that phrase entails. Will says

“This album is a musical dissection of my personal romantic relationships. Each song is inspired by my own experiences with love and, together, the tracks move through the rollercoaster of emotions that are involved with most relationships.”

Will further says he is a “chilled person” and that comes across clearly in the lead track, ‘Do You Remember?‘, a laid back song that takes a nostalgic look back at happy times, bringing the album title into the mix.  There is a lyrical melody throughout the song, enhanced by a chilled sound that lulls the listener into a false sense of security; there are not too many happy songs here, ‘Hey‘ being a notable exception.

The light feel of ‘Do You Remember?’ makes a return in ‘I Didn’t Miss You in the Summer‘ and ‘If I Wait’, with an upbeat, summery feel in the simply arranged ‘I Didn’t Miss You in the Summer’ and lovely, warm, mellow tones in the latter track.  One of my favourite lyrics comes in the former track, with the addictive feeling of lost love described as

you’re my cigarette and I just needed a toke


Loved You A Little More‘, ‘Aftermath of You‘ and ‘I Don’t Wanna See You with Anyone Else‘ (Will wins the award for longest song titles this year!) explore the emotions involved with heartbreak and relationship breakdowns.  With a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, 80’s style ballads, overlaid synths and a mixture of rhythms, Will conveys the angst and pain that lost love brings, accompanied by some soul searching lyrics.  It’s a great heartbreak album.

Will’s advice for aspiring performers is to

“…keep putting things out regularly, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, and if you think you have stuff that no one will listen to, they will and you won’t regret taking the plunge. Even if it’s just showing your friends or family, taking those first steps are the scariest but it is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.”

Daylight Fades Into Midnight was released on 25 June.

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