In 2019 we met singer songwriter Todd Warner Moore, as prolific an artist as you’re ever likely to meet; to prove the point, he has just released another cracking album, Overnight Flight.  Incorporating his trademark sound of lyrical melodies awash with  Americana, gypsy influences, folk and country, Overnight Flight shines with a warmth that seems so appropriate to the situation we currently find ourselves in. 

The title track sets the album up beautifully – the rich tones of Todd’s vocals are complemented by the backing vocals of Leah Hart and Nicole Stella.  Joy and meditative thought connect with the music, wending their way through the song and bringing the listener to a warm and happy place.

Moving into the second track, ‘Mistakes‘, Todd explores the age old problems with relationships everywhere – “we always seem to make the same mistakes”.  Wisely noting that it’s almost as if we have no choice but to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, this refrain could also apply to the world as a whole.  Do we ever really learn from past mistakes?  

There are two instrumental tracks on Overnight Flight, ‘Rite of Rain‘ and ‘Blossoming (The Other Side)‘.  The former feels and sounds like you’re inside on a wet and stormy afternoon with the rain pelting against the window – perfect snuggling in a blanket listening – whilst ‘Blossoming’ finishes the album with a continuation of the melodic fluency found overall.

Big Blue Wave‘ is a song that seems just right for the pandemic of 2020 with it’s imagery of a “big blue wave pouring down the stairs, found me unaware, panic in the empty streets, desperate one we no longer meet.”  It’s fair to say that a lot of people have found the pandemic tricky to cope with, not least musicians and performers who have seen their way of life and income stream disappear practically overnight.  However tempting it is to see the pandemic in this songs, ‘Big Blue Wave’ could also be about everyday situations of everyday life (pre-pandemic) overwhelming us as they can be wont to do.

As befits such a prolific writer, Todd’s advice for aspiring musicians is practical: Write one song a week and you are bound to get better.

Overnight Flight was released on 26 April 2020. Get your copy here.

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