Finding music from across the world is one of the joys of the internet, which is how Angry Baby found Thessa Giska, all the way from Indonesia, and her song “Cemburu”.

Although the song is in Indonesian, the catchy rhythm and tune could well have you singing along immediately – even if you don’t speak a word of the language. (Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too…) Remember “Jai Ho!” from Slumdog Millionaire? We we all joined in in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi until The PussyCat Dolls turned it into “You are my Destiny”. Well, it’s a bit like that, but without the PussyCat Dolls.

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“Cemburu” sounds happy – the sort of theme to put a bounce in your step as you walk down the street – so it’s surprising to find that the lyrics are quite sad and dark. Here’s a handy translation:

Cemburu / Jealous

Cemburu aku saat kau berdua / I am jealous of you when you are with her
Cemburu aku padamu / I am jealous of you
Ke benci kamu saat kau bercanda / I hate you when you make jokes
Ku benci kamu ku tahu / I know I hate you
Cemburu aku saat kau tertawa / I am jealous when you laugh
Cemburu aku padamu / I am jealous of you
Ku benci kamu saat kau merayu / I hate you when you woo
Ku benci kamu ku tahu / I know I hate you

Tak kusangka ternyata kau sudah ada yg punya / Unfortunately you are someone else’s
Membuatku semakin merana / Making me so down
Harusnya kusadari kau hanya sebuah mimpi di siang hari / I should have realized you were only my daydream

Reff / Chorus
Burung burung nyanyikan lagu gembira / Birds please sing a happy song
Terbang tinggi bebas lepas di angkasa / Fly away freely to the sky
Hati murung tiada pelipur lara / The broken hearted have no cure
Katakanlah kepadanya ku cinta dia / Tell him I love him

Boim of Music Monarchy explained that this is the first song for a new artist management project he’s created with some friends. “Cemburu” is their first venture into EDM – they composed it for fun, but it’s received responses beyond their expectations, probably because it has appeal beyond the EDM genre.

EDM is new for Thessa too. She’s currently a student in Indonesia but combines her studies with a love of singing and live performance, mostly pop and RnB covers. Thessa worked closely with the Music Monarchy team and together they turned Cemburu from vintage and simple disco into the sound you hear here, which she describes as ‘progressive house‘.

Thessa goes on to explain:

“Experiencing The EDM music project gave me more power. The song is about jealousy but I had to sing in a happy mood, as well as energetic. People find happiness under the same universal music. That’s why I really hope my song will be heard by many people in many countries.”

Boim added:

“As for us.. we try to make our song popular. We hope that some big name labels particularly in the USA or Europe will hear our music…because EDM music not yet really popular in our country, however it is prospect for the future”

If there is a release of “Cemburu” in English, let’s hope that the producers retain Thessa as the lead vocalist.

Finally, here is Boim’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music:

“My advice to artist that has just started their own music is to believe that making music is very exciting.

The process is started from finding your influence; of course everybody has their own favorite. Don’t forget to keep motivating yourself so that you can make music as good as they have done.

Sometimes making music process runs slowly in the beginning, but if you feel happy to work it out, time is not your problem. And don’t blame your music limitations. Even if you have only 3 chords, you can enjoy it.

The process of making lyrics, choosing various genres of music, making music arrangements, taking vocals, the mixing process are joyful processes. You may enjoy every step and you have freedom to direct and to adapt the music to the soul of your song. Once you get involved, you will find that making music has more value than merely listening to music.”

You can keep up with Music Monarchy, and hopefully hear more from Thessa Giska via the only social media channel we can find for them – YouTube

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