London-based guitarist and music producer Muca, (Los Bitchos, L.A. Salami, Alice SK) teams up with UK singer and vocals performer Randolph Matthews to release a new duo track and remix under his new world music project, The LABRIT Project. 

A striking world, tribal Brazilian roots track embellished with an outstanding performance from on Randolph’s vocals, ‘Way Down’ also comes with a modern and fresh remix. The original sounds like classical tribal world music; Randolph brings his infectious vocals and performance style to create something fresh. It’s a unique mix of vocal performance and beat-making with guitars, drum programming and electronic conjuring into something intoxicating.

Both artists have known each other since Muca moved from Brazil to the UK. Muca produced some of Randolph’s songs in the past, but now as he’s releasing his project, he wanted Randolph to be one of the first artists he worked with. After the recording and the mixing of the original track, Randolph came up with the idea of getting some of the stems and playing around with them – the pair then decided to create a remixed version, combining Randolph’s ability to create amazing vocals and percussive loops with Muca’s guitars and programming. 

On the process, Muca explains: As a producer, you must always keep updated on new forms of making music. When I started to learn finger drumming and the MPC, I found I felt it would be a great place to start adding this new knowledge to my music.”

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