Hailing from Blackpool, The Kut (Maha) started making music in a band aged fourteen, even winning the local Battle of the Bands.  However, it wasn’t until moving to London a while later that she was able to record and crowd fund her first release.  Her second album, Grit, received Art Council funding and has just been released, in conjunction with a UK tour.

Grit is a story of independence, passion and purpose. Right from the off, the album oozes courage, resilience and punk rock spirit. It’s a knowing pep talk on following your instincts. As a multi instrumentalist, The Kut leads on vocals and guitar also appearing as drummer and bassist on two tracks, alongside her women in music collective.

The album kicks off with ‘Animo‘, a feel good track full of danceability that proclaims invincibility and unstoppable confidence from every line – it’s a must listen for young women everywhere.  ‘Burn Your Bridges‘ takes a rockier turn and the rest of album has a similar, beat driven sound, in particular, ‘If Looks Could Kill‘.

The best track for me is ‘Satellite‘, a power ballad that shows The Kut’s vocal range and emphasises the strength and nuance in her voice.  A more gentler offering than the other nine tracks, ‘Satellite’ is an ode of gratitude and is a truly beautiful song with equally beautiful melody and lyrics.  

Of the other tracks, ‘On My Own‘ is a song that screams freedom from every word and ‘Fun When You’re Winning‘ nails the reason why musicians and performers keep on going; it’s so much fun, especially when you’re winning!

As The Kut sings in the lead track, ‘Animo’, she believes in just going for everything, something she shares in her advice for aspiring musicians:

“Just go for it! Nothing is going to be 100% ready, and no one is going to wave a flag for you to start…. but when you choose GO that’s where real progress can be made. Surround yourself with people who support you and inspire you, but remember you are also part of a wider musical community who understand your journey and have probably been through any challenges you may face. And you will face them – but as long as you get back up, then those challenges will shape your future in a positive way. Go get ’em!”

Grit was released on 24 June on Criminal Records. Get your copy here.

Catch The Kut ON TOUR through to 31 July. Or if you can’t make it, follow her at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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