Six years after his last release and having quit music, UK Singer/songwriter Terry Emm returns with a collection of timeless tracks with his new EP Ornate. Throughout his musical career, Terry has explored multiple genres of music from acoustic and indie-pop to rock and electronic, challenging the idea that an artist must be categorised into one genre. There is a freedom in this movement that is paralleled onto the tracks within his EP, highlighting a unique style that comes from experimentation and self-exploration.

Within the collection, there is a sense of purity and innocence that can only be derived from naivety. Inspired by his past experiences, memories and thoughts, Ornate is a re-creation of his previously unreleased back catalogue of demos from when Terry was younger. In an interview, Terry stated that his EP feels like the beginning of a “brand-new chapter… but is still rooted in the past”. As the title suggest his memories have been embellished through his musical offering – intensifying the emotion portrayed and displaying a quiet beauty.

Although Terry’s tracks have been described as individual works of art in their own right, there is a strong theme of love that weaves through the EP – creating a sense of familiarity that joins each song. Terry has said that he “tried to keep things simple yet underpin certain moments and move into different styles” and it is this that gives the EP a timeless feel. It is easy for listeners to get lost in his honest lyrics and acoustic guitar. The melody picks you up and takes you away to somewhere personal, allowing you to live in his memory or relate it to one of your own, whatever time.

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The leading track – ‘The Leaving’ – opens the EP, firstly introducing this idea of fleeting love. There is a dark sense of fear behind the lyrics, aligning with the cascade of chords. Realisation and understanding is an overwhelming factor in this song – showcasing Terry’s acceptance towards the breakdown of a relationship – whether it be a lover, friend or any connection he’s had with a person.

Terrys main influences are bands such as Oasis, The Beatles and more recently D Double E and Harry Shotta. Whist keeping his own style, Red House Painters in particular are one of his main influences that share a similar vibe – relaxed, acoustic with lyrics that affect the listener.

Seeing that this is Terry’s first foray into music for a few years, his advice to young musicians is particularly insightful:

“Be yourself and make sure the music is as good as it can be before you put it out. Don’t get hung up on milestones like touring, press; radio etc – just keep going with as much creativity as possible. Get friends and other artists involved as much as possible. If it works out, great – if not; just be proud of the music you’ve made and the fun times.”

Ornate was released on September 21st 2018. Get your copy here.

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