Tachys is a new duo consisting of Tobias Wilner (Blue Foundation, New York United, Ghost Society, Bichi) and Jonas Bjerre (Mew, Apparatiik), childhood friends who found themselves in adjacent Copenhagen studios during lockdown and started a collaboration that led to their eponymous debut album.  For Tobias and Jonas, the only music they wanted to produce was music that experimented and allowed them to explore their artistry in the way that they wanted to.  The result is eleven tracks that do just that, encompassing electro pop, synth / chillwave, textured electronics and swirling guitars, laid over soaring melodies that come together as their own kind of dream pop.

Tachys kicks off with ‘Fall Down‘, a song that sets up the experimentation of the album and introduces us to the haunting vocals and mesmerising harmonies that feature throughout.  The dreamy pop and use of synths come to life with ‘When the World Wakes Up‘, a track that will have you up and moving with a few bars, before mellowing out with ‘I Wish I Could Have known You‘.

My favourite track is ‘Dear To Me’, a love song like an epic soundtrack and lovely lyrics:

You are so dear to me, I wonder how you are, life will be stuck on one key if you are not around

great trees will fall, birds will change their calls

Although Tachys are experimenting with music and sound, they aren’t afraid to take things back if necessary, something that ‘Dear To Me’ is an example of – ‘Thunder of Colour‘ and ‘Guide‘ are in the same vein. The latter is especially beautiful, graced by a duet between Jonas and RnB singer Yuna.  In between these gems are ‘Pierce’ and ‘Sometimes’, two absolute foot tappers.  This duo are nothing if not versatile.

Tobias and Jonas’ advice for aspiring musicians is all about the creation of the music:

“For us, the best music comes out of experimentation, where you become a kind of curator of which accidents get thrown away, and which of them are deemed happy accidents that you choose to keep. There is a joyous flow in that process. Never allow your approach to become formulaic, or it will become boring, even for yourself. Strive to make the music that you’d want to listen to, something that does not already exist. Invent it, and pull it out of the ether. Remember to enjoy the process as much as the result. Find your own way, and don’t wait around for someone to discover you. There is no certain way that “things are done”. The world is vast, and everyone is different.”

Tachys was released on 13 May on KON Records. Get your copy here.

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