A self-confessed devotee of ‘real music’,  Robbie Cavanagh is not defined by genres. His only rules are good musicians, real instruments, great microphones and performance with emotion. Capturing sound, not producing it. Believing we live in a world where music is produced and consumed like fast food, to fill a hole where speed and value for money is prioritised over quality, Robbie is in the game for what he coins “fine dining music”.

Whereas Robbie’s previous record To Leave/To Be Left (2017) grappled with emotions of loss and self-pity from leaving or being left behind, his forthcoming album Tough Love comes as an invigorating reality check. It’s a grittier and stronger-minded letter to himself and to anybody else who may be in need of a heavy dose of tough love.

Speaking about his latest single, ‘Helpless‘,  Robbie says “When I play this song live, I joke that it’s about helping your ex find a new partner, similarly to how you might help find your replacement if you leave a job role. Really though, I suppose it’s about that feeling of desperation when something ends. ‘without you I’d be helpless, but I know you’d be helpless too’ is quite a child-like response to being left. Deflecting I guess. But it’s about the panic that sets in when a
situation changes and it’s out of your hands.”

Helpless was released on March 10th.

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