Sometimes a favourite artist goes so ‘under the radar’ with a release that we almost miss it. That’s what Robb Murphy did towards the end of last year. He wrote, recorded and released ‘North Star’ so quickly it almost went past in a blur. It’s definitely a song for cold nights in front of the fire, and it’s still a bit wintery where we are, so we thought we’d share it with you and warm up your evenings.

Before you read on, Robb Murphy is giving a FREE download of his single “Never Letting You Go” to Angry Baby readers. If you’re not already subscribed to Angry Baby, just pop the email address that you’d like it delivered to here and it will be on its way to you straight away, together with a bumper collection of music that has been shared by Angry Baby. The music comes from outstanding artists that you may not have heard before. With a mix of rock, pop, folk…you name it…there’s bound to be something new that floats your musical boat, and all for free! What’s not to like about that?!

From the opening sounds of footsteps in the snow, to romantic reflections of firelight in eyes, ‘North Star’ conjures an atmosphere of lives shared through the simple things. Contrasting a lilting beat with Robb’s laid-back vocal style, you’re invited to hum – or whistle – along. Glisteningly wintery, warm and fuzzy, the song holds an entire landscape in the simplest of arrangements. There’s even the tiniest mention of Christmas in there, which bodes well for future seasonal success.

Along with this surprise release, Robb has been busy working on an EP, scheduled for later this year. He’s also got a rather special project in hand that – fingers crossed – with result in a single and video that’s definitely worth waiting for. But for now, enjoy ‘North Star’, which is available from Robb’s Bandcamp site here.

And if you fancy giving yourself a post-Christmas payday treat, don’t forget that Robb has put together an exclusive selection of music for Angry Baby readers. Check it out here. At less than £20 for a collection that includes rare and exclusive recordings, it’s a bit of a bargain.

Robb’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music is as fresh as when we first bumped into him a couple of years ago:

‘Love what you do, create what you are proud of, don’t get too influenced by other current music, and write / play as much as you can. If your music happens to catch a few ears along the way that is great, but for me it is secondary. Music is a good way to express creativity and to meet like minded people so just keep at it and rewards will come!’

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