Within a few seconds of clicking a link to Robb Murphy’s music, we were captivated by his sound. This is music that makes you dance around the room – he’s definitely an artist that we all need to hear more from.

Although Robb’s music has a traditional feel and rhythm to it that must come from his Irish heritage, he takes inspiration from ‘normal day to day life, the ups the downs we all go though‘. He always tries to include a positive element in them.

Influenced by nature and his surroundings, both his home in Northern Ireland and elsewhere, Robb was lucky enough to write music in a small town in Tuscany. This provides an opportunity to explore the contrast between influences from album to album. Since Robb is an artist whose music is worth spending time with, enjoy spotting where Ireland meets Italy in his music.

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Did you take a look at the video of Robb’s single “Headstrong”? It’s taken from his album, Sleep Tonight. Robb explains:

The video is a glimpse into my crazy head; people dressed in animal costumes who stage a break out from a zoo and are chased around by the zoo keeper getting up to mischief along the way.

Now that has to be worth checking out!

“Headstrong” is about keeping your focus, not getting distracted and sticking to your goals, so take a listen, and maybe try out your own dance, while you find out more about Robb.

Robb’s musical influences are varied. He explained that

lyrics draw me in mostly, even more so if with an emotive melody. And I love a good upbeat pop song too. Bands like U2, REM, Del Ametri, Bon Iver, Counting Crows, and singer songwriters like Paddy Casey, Damien Rice, Ben Howard and Ryan Adams. I also love 60s and Motown and I am a vinyl collector!

The reference to a preference for vinyl makes even more sense when you realise that Robb has a background as a producer and engineer, which may also explain the beautiful, melodic arrangements and attention to detail that shine through in his recordings.

Finally, here is Robb’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music:

‘Love what you do, create what you are proud of, don’t get too influenced by other current music, and write / play as much as you can. If your music happens to catch a few ears along the way that is great, but for me it is secondary. Music is a good way to express creativity and to meet like minded people so just keep at it and rewards will come!’

You can find out more about Robb Murphy on:

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