French band Reaven, comprising Roméo Bassi (Lead Singer-Guitarist) and Vincent Fernandes (Drummer-Vocalist) recently released an EP, (Be) For Tomorrow, ahead of a full album at a later date.  Coming together and creating their first band in 2004, aged 14, the pair have never stopped playing since.  This five track EP brings a multitude of sounds, from electro pop to rock to gentle ballads, not to mention three bonus acoustic tracks – it’s a very diverse five tracks.

Kicking off with ‘Hope‘, an upbeat song full of positivity that instantly makes you want to get up and dance, the EP puts its message of benevolence, hope and positive values front and centre:

And it’s alright, so give your life a chance,
‘Cause it’s alright, there is no timeto waste,
You will only get one try, so try to
make a change today…
Come on and take my hand,
We’re gonna change the world

Moving on from ‘Hope’, we have ‘Electric Love‘ an equally vibrant song full of danceability – you’ll want to press repeat on this track over and over again.

My favourite track of the five is ‘Ordinary Heroes‘, a rip roaring banging song that leaps out and grabs you at the first chord and doesn’t let go until the very last note.  The lyrics tell of not following the crowd, finding your own way and being the ordinary hero of the title.  Lead singer Romeo says 

“the theme I’m writing about in this song is a subject I’ve been writing about a few times in the past. Our connection to reality, what’s important, what’s superficial. Who are the real heroes of this world? The ones putting their lives on display every five minutes on social media…or people able to do magnificent actions (even the easiest ones) hidden from the crowd, just because that’s who they are. This is this gap that I’m trying to highlight in ‘Ordinary Heroes’. I wanted it to be emphasised by a ‘protest’ vibe in the melody and the chorus part…I think that’s what ‘Ordinary Heroes’ is all about.’

The other two songs, ‘Reflection‘ and ‘Escape‘ are slower tracks that look at the difference between reality and dreams and what happens when the distance between them seems just too wide.  

As a whole, (Be) For Tomorrow is an eclectic collection of pop songs that double as a preview to the full length album coming soon – on this evidence it’s sure to be a cracker.

The band’s advice for aspiring musicians is:

“Always keep on working and practicing. Never stop, never give up. If you fail, try again until you succeed. No one knows yourself better than…yourself. This is the advice I would have liked to hear years ago. You will meet different people having different points of views, telling you a lot of different things about your music. Listen to them but always be the one who decides at the end. If you trust yourself, if you’re authentic, your creation will be the reflection of yourself, unique. Try as hard as you can, all the time. Because art without work isn’t art. The road may appear a bit long, but each day is a new day. Create as much as you can, try different things, explore all the paths… If it was easy, the victory wouldn’t be memorable. So be your own inspiration, open your mind to everything around you and get better everyday! You’ll find your way.”

Before Tomorrow was released on 13 August. Get your copy here.

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