As music lovers, you might have noticed that there are more and more female artists around and the independent music scene is the same; more and more female artists are releasing their own music.  However, the rise of female musicians and singers is not always shouted about so let’s start the new year, new decade even, by introducing a few female artists, some new, some more familiar.

Regular readers will know of Rachael Sage, one of our favourite artists, who is one of the most prolific artists in the industry, both in terms or recording and performing live.  The last couple of years have seen Rachael release a couple of album, tour extensively both in the UK and US and she is now releasing a new single, ‘Both Hands‘, ahead of her latest album, Character.  The idea for covering this Ani Di Franco song came to Rachael whilst she was undergoing treatment for cancer (successfully, thankfully) in 2018 – the song was part of her ‘determined and strong’ playlist.  Fast forward to the preparation for Character and Rachael felt that her own version would be the perfect fit. 

Rising star Allegra is one of the youngest artists on this list but youth is no barrier to success it seems. Having made a name for herself in 2019 with the release of her debut single ‘All About Us’, a track which shot into the top five of the Music Week charts, this was only the start.  Going onto to collaborate with social media influencer Kurt Hugo Schneider, as well as jetting out to the US to shoot some more of Allegra’s fresh take on pop songs of the moment, for this breakthrough artist her 2020 is shaping up to be one of more impressive cover versions as well as some original material.

Italian enigma Giulia took off last year, with her intergalactic music video to accompany her genre crossing single ‘Trippin’. Flying high into the stratosphere, gliding past planets and stars alike, Giulia certainly took control of her own destiny throughout the ‘Trippin’ release cycle. Plummeting back down to planet earth at the end of 2019, Giulia is now back to work on new music, with the additional two music videos in the trilogy of visuals soon to be released.

Sasha Siem had a huge 2019, unveiling song ‘Hoely Wholly Holy’, attending the star studded event, the Fashion Media Awards across the pond, where she took to the stage to perform a stunning version of a track taken from her forthcoming album.  It was at this very ceremony that Sasha scooped the prestigious New Wave Artist Award, the first of its kind at the event. Looking back on Sasha’s 2019, it’s undeniable that she has a tough challenge to follow up this year. However, she’s starting off on the right note with the January release of her first single of the new year called ‘Come As The Sun’. 

Allegra’s All About Is was released on Radikal Records. Get your copy here.

Giulia’s Trippin was released on Gotham Music. Get your copy here.

Rachael Sage’s Both Hands was released on 10 January 2020 on MPress Records. Get your copy here.

Sasha Siem’s Come as the Sun was released on 10 January on Sound Sanctum Records.  Get your copy here.

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