Kingston based band Pushpin, formed at university (they are Arthur Robijns on guitar and vocals, Adam Holmes on keys and electronics, Lucas Chebib on drums and Ed Willey on bass and vocals) and launched in 2018, bringing together influences from Grizzly Bear, Sonic Youth and Sigur Ros to produce a unique brand of indie psychedelia.  Blending all manner of musical genres, from acoustic guitar, heavy metal, synths and dreamy pop, this kitchen sink approach to music making marks the band out as one to watch in terms of experimental sounds. 

Their most recent release, is a single, ‘Running Shoes‘, which debuted in November.  Full of rich guitar leads, the track jangles with an upbeat rhythm that dances along to a baroque pop style melody.  Listen to this and you would be forgiven if you thought that this was the band’s trademark sound; in fact, listening to Sea Song, an EP released in the summer, you realise that Pushpin defy pigeon holing into any one, or even, two genres.  


Steady On‘ is the best song of the three featured on Sea Song – it has a gentle sound and feeling that perfectly encapsulates the message, building up momentum throughout.  ‘Mountain Top‘ begins with acoustic sounds, leading nicely on from ‘Steady On’ and grows into a guitar led, more traditional indie sound before ending on a crescendo of sound. 

The title track, ‘Sea Song‘, is the one that defies labels the most.  Experimental, the track mixes a dreamy pop intro and ending with guitar riffs, synths, indie sounds and heavy, trance like passages.  The result is a beguiling track that leads you to think about what music is and can be.  It was a wise choice as the first track of the three.

Running Shoes was released on November 15 on Cobblerbob Records. Get your copy here.  Sea Song is available here.

Catch Pushpin live. Or if you can’t make it, follow them at:

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