In a world where the music charts are dominated by manufactured acts, TV talent shows and over-produced songs, US band Pretty Gritty are out to show success can still be achieved through hard work, disappointments, perseverance and their timeless, classic Rootsy-Americana sound. Sarah Wolff and Blaine Heinonen originally formed Pretty Gritty in Maryland in 2010 and completed a number of US tours before releasing their 2012 self-titled debut album to much critical acclaim and winning two Indie Music Channel awards for Best Country Song and Best Folk Song. Six years on, and now located in Portland, Oregon, their second album, Seven Year Itch was released earlier this year.

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Love Don’t Live Here Anymore‘ is the standout song from the album and takes us on an emotional journey through lost love…and just maybe, it’s coming back sometime.  With the use of “picket fences”, the track instantly conveys what has been lost; the idealistic version of love that always forms into something else.  It either fails or changes into a deeper feeling and by the end of the song, you feel that there may indeed be hope for this relationship.

Bone To Pick’ is a song not afraid to show it’s country roots; from start to finish it’s a rip roaring song with great melodies overlaid with sweet harmonies from Sarah and Blaine.  Like ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’, ‘Bone To Pick’ shows the pain and hope that love sometimes brings.  Departing from the country sound, ‘Every Road‘ has a more synthesized, pop feel, and details the joy of coming home.  It’s a joyous song.

Sarah and Blaine share the writing duties and Sarah shows her talent as a lyricist on ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, a classic Americana sounding track that details the problems facing so many people today, struggling to survive.  Sarah’s use of everyday language perfectly illustrates the frustration felt by “barely getting by in this town”.

Seven Year Itch is one of those rare things; an album that wends it way through a story, each track fitting together in harmony.  A marriage of warm vocals, brilliant musicians and interesting song writing.

Seven Year Itch was released on March 30th on Creative & Dreams Network. Get your copy here.

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