Bestselling artist Alfie Boe took to the stage of the Royal Albert Hall last night and, amongst a setlist curated from his multi-platinum selling career, announced and performed three new original songs, two of which he co-wrote with London based singer songwriter Nick Bradley.  Along with Alfie, Nick is an alumnus of the Royal College of Music, having won a scholarship during his Theoretical Physics studies at Imperial College.  He now works with a wide range of artists as well as producing his own music.

The first, performed with Nick on stage, is entitled ‘White Lily Fields‘ and after a quiet, guitar led intro, morphs into a song full of danceability.  Rock with hints of country tones, ‘White Lily Fields’ is a song that long time fans of Alfie would know is right up his street, harking back to a previous original song, ‘Trust’.

The second of the new songs, ‘Stormy Waters‘ is in a similar vein and showcases Alfie’s ability to mix powerhouse vocals with all genres of music.  In recent years, Alfie has been open about his struggles with mental health, most notably on Freeze the Fear, and both these songs appear to reflect this:

“White Lily Fields, I don’t know what’s real or how to heal…

took a little time for me to get better, I feel alright, better than I felt in a long time'”


“…hardest when rain is coming down from the sky

and the river’s rising and there’s nowhere to hide”

[Stormy Waters]

New music from any artist is always exciting and particularly so when the artist themselves are in the writing seat – let’s hope for more in 2023 onwards!

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Photo: Carole Hunt

Videos: Linda Wellington

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