Nature TV are a four strong band from Brighton who seem to have a strong no nonsense attitude to their music, seeing as their second EP is entitled EP2, following EP1 which debuted in September 2018.  Self deprecation also seems to be the order of the day with their Twitter bio reading ‘door to door heartbreak salesmen.’  The band comprise Zal Jones (drums), Solo Major (guitar / producer), Guy Bangham (vocals and guitar) and Josh Eriskin (bass) and at first glance you might be duped into thinking this is an indie band with an indie  / pop / rock sound; in this case, looks are deceptive and the sound that jumps out from the speakers is pure soulful, R&B, smooth sounds.  Heartbreak likes this sounds good.

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The opening track, ‘Sanguine‘, is the best for me, showcasing Guy’s smooth as velvet vocals and introducing the smooth, soul with jazz and R&B tones that personify this EP.

Moving on into ‘Moonlight‘ and ‘Inventory‘ and the sounds start to feel like classy classics already, a throwback to the 80’s where music was glossy, along with the videos full of ridiculously glossy models and famous faces.  This feeling is cemented with the final track, ‘She Gets It‘.

Overall, these four tracks are well crafted songs that manage to sound laid back and smooth – they already sound like classics of the genre and, as such, will appeal to anyone with a fondness for smooth and glossy sounds, not to mention those with a soft spot for a good old heartbreak song.  There aren’t too many bands performing original music in this style and it’s good to see someone doing something different. As a result, the band’s advice for younger musicians combines this unique approach to music with the practicalities of playing live:

“Never compromise your artistic integrity, just do what feels right musically for yourself. Also, during gigs you always sound better coming out the speakers to the audience than you do to yourselves on stage.”

EP2 was released on May 10. Get your copy here.

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