You’ve got to hand it to Mayday Parade, they are nothing if not resilient. With a core sound and lyrical themes that come straight from emo’s mid 00s zenith, Mayday Parade have consistently risen above the usual One Tree Hill also rans, by consistently maintaining a sound that mixes both intimate synth buttered lyrics, alongside choppier angst driven emo pop and roll. Somebody more cynical may claim that they have yet to really reinvent the wheel, however, “Stay the Same” offers glimpses of them attempting to do just that, ironic as that title may be!

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From the jingly opening riff to the choppy guitars of the chorus refrain, this is a different animal, a maturing animal. Lead singer Derek Sanders has talked of the song having themes of “..growing up, watching everything in your life change, and longing for simpler times..” Put simply, if Mayday Parade of yesteryear was the angst and confusion of early adolescent house parties, then “Stay the Same” is the thoughtful acceptance of the morning after.

In a similar vein to previous single, “Piece of Your Heart”, “Stay the Same” comes in like Jimmy Eat World of the past few years. Atmospheric pianos corresponding richly against anthemic choruses, with lyrics that point to a crossroads of reminiscing the past, and being so unsure of the future

“..trying to hold it all as we went along until there was no more room for the pieces that didn’t fit anyway”

Once you reach the power of the mid song bridge, it’s classic MP, but at the same time, with a new found sense of depth. Alex Garcia’s piercing lead guitar, tearing through whilst Derek Sanders screams the words “I’ll give you a reason to stay”, this is a familiar passion, that is, (and I’m using this word carefully), a lot less whiney.

This is single number 4 from the upcoming LP Sunnyland, and easily the best so far. A solid blend of the bombastic serious rock of “It’s Hard to be Religious…” , with the sensitivity of “Piece of Your Heart”, if this is the direction in which Mayday Parade are moving, although they may not be able to draw in the kids with poppy, hooky emo pop, they may just cement themselves as essential, as their long standing fanbase keeps growing up.

Mayday Parade are Derek Sanders – Vox; Jeremy Lenzo – Bass/Vox; Alex Garcia – Guitar; Brooks Betts- Guitar; Jake Bundrick – Drums/Vox.

“Stay The Same” was released on June 6th on Rise Records. Get your copy  here

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