Prolific is the word that comes to mind when describing Ian Mitchell of Master of None and Little Red.  Today sees the release of his second EP of 2019, which followed Little Red’s album of 2018.  As with Great White Shark, Ian’s new offering, You Will Get What You Deserve is full of pulsing beats driven by guitars; the influence of Mark Lanegan, Joy Division and The National is still apparent.

Great White Shark took listeners on a journey into the dark through songs telling of murder, guilt, loss and raw, visceral hatred. The three tracks of You Will Get What You Deserve continue that look into the psyche of a warped mind.  This time, though, as well as murder, vengeance is added into the mix, progressing through the dark side of humanity without giving us much light or shade – will there be a third offering that gives us redemption, I wonder?

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This EP feels darker in tone than Great White Shark, with pulsing rhythms coupling with dirty guitars and heavy drums to bring us a relentless beat that propels us straight into this dark world that Ian has created.  Juxtaposed against this pulsing beat is Ian’s relaxed baritone vocals which ensures that the lyrics sound even more creepy; the end result is that both lyrics and music immerse us totally into the experience as a whole.

The best track for me is ‘Call Me Jack‘, which takes us through the often frenzied mind of the broken psyche, starting out with “they call me lazy, they call me crazy, they call me funny, they call me strange” before moving onto “I’m not so nice, my blood runs black, I’ve no airs and graces, just call me Jack”.  All this comes with a catchy hook that will have you singing along in no time – I’d advise against singing along in public spaces though!

The third and final track, ‘Hunt You Down‘ brings vengeance into the mix.  The lyrics describe how the prey will be hunted down and although I took it to be hunting in vengeance, it might not be.  The genius of You Will Get What You Deserve as a cohesive whole is that any of the three tracks could be about vengeance, just as they could all be describing a murderous soul – it’s left up to the listener to decide.

Ian Mitchell has created two EPs that speak of cohesion whilst dangling the thought that the story isn’t finished yet.  Will there be another exploration of the dark side of human nature?  I hope so.

Ian’s advice to young musicians is short and sweet and the second part definitely speaks to his work ethic!

“Do what makes you happy. Work hard and persevere.”

You Will Get What You Deserve is released today, May 20 on All Will Be Well Records. Get your copy here.

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