Norwegian singer songwriter Marianne Engebretsen released her second album last week, and, as the title of Something New suggests, it’s a new musical direction. Five years after her first album, Redefined, and seven years since she found instant fame as a semi finalist on Norway’s version of The Voice, Marianne takes her audience on a voyage of discovery through this collection of honest songs that are tinged with more than a hint of vulnerability.

Something New looks at ups and downs of life in the intervening years and Marianne says, “Something New is about growing up. To be terrified to become a mother. In all phases of life, whether they’re good or bad, something new and different will grow. On Something New, life has happened. Some things fall dead to the ground, but new things burst out in the unknown that lies ahead of us”.

In Marianne’s case, it seems that the music is not the only thing that is new; as well as singing and writing, Marianne also produced the album and set up her own record label, Flowerdust!

My favourite track is the lead single, ‘Strange To You’ a tender, bittersweet love song with just the right amount of danceability, building to an upbeat pop anthem two and a half minutes in. The song also highlights Marianne’s lovely way with words:
I don’t need great stories, just need to be the one you would like to have around
The grand romantic gestures are often the things that leap to mind when wanting to save a relationship but Marianne carefully skewers this, reminding us that the everyday love is what makes a relationship work.
Before ‘Strange To You’, the title track sets up what we can expect from this album, beginning with a beautifully melodic piano led tune that builds into exquisite dreamy pop – it feels as if we have indeed ‘turned a page’ and are ready to spring into ‘Something New‘.  This feeling also features in ‘Summerdays‘ and ‘I’ll Sing Your Song‘, whilst ‘Skeleton‘ and ‘He Had a Name‘ hint at darker undercurrents.
Something New is an introspective, life affirming look at the highs and lows of life (Marianne started a family in between albums). It’s raw in places, comforting in others and is a genuine look at life through a musical lens. Marianne’s advice for aspiring musicians follows this, as she says that
“you should make the music you love, and work with people you love and trust!”

Something New was released on February 11 on Flowerdust 2022 Records. Get your copy here.

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Photo credit: Malin Longva

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