In times of uncertainty, it’s good to be reminded of what really matters in life. Josh Dooley, the creative force behind Los Angeles-based MAP, is better qualified than most to understand this, having been paralyzed from the neck down by the West Nile Virus in 2014. As he recalls from his recovery:

Life is too short to be afraid of heartbreak or of how people may feel about your art, so get out of the house, make art, kiss people, take risks, be present. If you can walk in sunshine with friends and family, you are filthy rich, and if someone breaks your heart don’t worry, you’ll be fine – you might even get a new song or two out of it.

The song or two that he created emerge into the light on MAP’s new EP, Hello Singularity (Writer’s Block Part One), which features lead single, “Skills To Rebuild”.

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Swirling in lush, dream pop vibes, “Skills to Rebuild” holds hypnotic rhythms with multi-layered guitar and vocals set way back in the mix. Listen with eyes closed through noise-cancelling headphones for maximum effect. With lyrics washing through the arrangements like waves lapping on a beach, catch the positivity in fleeting images “garden grows where water flows”; “laughter and sunshine”; and “don’t look back again”. This is a poem about resilience, and Josh explains how his near-death experience taught him that fear is pointless:

Fear can’t keep your friends alive, fear won’t keep someone from leaving you. I should take a chance and open myself up to the possibility of hurt and disappointment in life because whatever happens, I now have the skills to rebuild.

Alongside Josh Dooley, MAP are Mike Perez and Rob Withem. Their advice for anyone who is just starting out with their music speaks of the subtlety held in a song:

“Start current and go backwards. I feel like it all got better. Preferably listen without other distractions. Turn it up! There are things hidden in the background. Repeated listens and headphones will reward your ears”.

The EP is released via Velvet Blue Music on June 16th.

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