Electro Pop duo Magnetic Skies, comprising singer songwriter Simon Kent and vocalist / programmer Jo Womar formed in 2018 and have just released their debut EP, Dreams and Memories.  Meeting when both were commissioned to collaborate on a one-off arts/charity live show, the pair soon discovered that they had a common love for electronic music.  Further meetings resulted in a number of songs written and these are the songs that Simon and Jo went on to record for Dreams and Memories.   Excitingly, there are enough songs for at least one more EP and a full length album over the coming year.

The first single and title track, ‘Dreams and Memories’ kicks off proceedings with a great intro; pulsating with a great beat, the intro lasts well over a minute and builds up into an epic sound.  Listening, you realise that the band aren’t messing around – they have big ideas and are confident enough to hit the listener with their vision straight away.  Despite, or perhaps because of, this song being the first they wrote together, it deserves to be the lead track and defines what the band are about.

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The outstanding track of the four is ‘I Am Your Friend’, an upbeat song about friendship and being there when needed. “When all your joys has turned to pain, can you still hear me through the rain” are just a couple of lines that really appeal.  Following on from that, ‘Believe In You’ is a surprise – a piano led ballad that morphs into a more electronic sound a third of the way in. The theme and lyrics of this track beautifully carry on where ‘I Am Your Friend’ left off – these two tracks would be wonderful pick me ups for someone in need.

The duo’s advice for aspiring musicians is from Simon and it’s clear he speaks from his experience in meeting Jo:

“You have to believe in what you are doing and what you are about, and to follow it through to its conclusion. And find people who share your vision – it’s way more important than technical ability. Pop music is about emotion, not how fast you can play.”

Dreams and Memories was released on March 22 on ReprinT Records. Get your copy here.

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