Sometimes, an album comes along that chimes perfectly with a mood and a feeling, and one such album is Believe It from Maddox Jones, released this week.  A twelve track look at life’s ups and downs, the overall feeling I got from listening is happiness and summer, even if the weather at the time of writing is decidedly nippy. Summery synth laden pop combines with raw, stripped back, honest tracks that show Maddox to be a songwriter of some talent. 

Kicking off the twelve tracks, ‘Ready To Be Better’ is an up tempo, upbeat song about the moment of awakening the desire within us to be better.  It’s a song of redemption and wonder with a fabulous feel-good factor that celebrates the continual evolution of the human psyche. 

In a similar vein, the stand out track for me is ‘Somewhere There’s A Plan (Believe It)‘, a song filled with danceability that is destined to be a perfect summer floor filler. With a nod to Nile Rodger’s style of choppy guitars, and big reverb drum fills and groovy bass, this song is updated  70’s Funk  that oozes infectious good times all around.

Magic‘ and ‘Make Me Yours‘ are also great dance tracks.  ‘Magic’ is understated in the first few bars before launching into an upbeat, light track that screams happy from every beat, whereas ‘Make Me Yours’ is a much darker affair.  Reproducing the sound and atmosphere of dimly lit dance floors, Maddox takes a look at the give and take of relationships, as he says “there is so much to be learnt from being vulnerable and honest with your partner. This song is ultimately about letting go and trusting your partner is going to hold you when you need it most.”

Showing versatility as a song writer, Maddox lets fly with the pared back guitar led tracks as well.  ‘Beautiful Soul‘ is a liltingly bright break up song that manages to sound happy despite the underlying sadness and is more than matched by the gloriously happy and upbeat ‘God Damn I’m Happy‘, a song with more than a touch of humour about it.  Using “God damn, does that mean I’ve got to spend the rest of my life with you” doesn’t strike me as the most romantic line but I love the tongue in cheek sense of fun.

I hope to be hearing this album a lot more over the Summer.

Maddox’s advice to aspiring musicians is all about the music:

“First and foremost it’s about the music, when you are happy with the music you are putting out there all the other stuff comes easier. Be consistent and also you will get that voice that’s like oh maybe I’m posting too much on socials – you aren’t! If you are passionate about a new single or release then shout about it. Also, pick your team well, work with people who love what you do  and go the extra mile. Lastly, it’s a marathon not a sprint so enjoy the journey.”

Believe It is released on 8 April 2022 on Radikal Records. Get your copy here.

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