Lifecycle trio (producer Geoffrey Dent (also on DSP-warped electric guitar, manipulated live via controllers velcro’d to his axe) AKA Muni Manuka and Traum Schallplatten), recently released EP Lowest Colour, a follow up to 2016’s Last Colour.  Joined by Letitia Austin on deep sub bass and Nick Holder on live drums and percussion, Lifecycle’s latest work is a darker, deeper selection of live breakbeats, where oldskool breakbeat and rave textures begin to overshadow the traditional rock structures behind their sound. 

Lowest Colour kicks off with ‘The Answer‘, a sceptical look at alternative medicine over a choppy, driving breakbeat, soon moving into ‘my favourite track of the six, ‘Given Away‘. This is a track given space to do its own thing; the result is a quite anthemic sound, vocals soaring over the beat in the most melodic song of the EP.

The Optimist‘ takes a dark electronica mood which the band build to a driving rock crescendo, guitars and Nick’s pounding live drums driving to a climax, whilst ‘Safety in Numbers‘ showcases Lifecycle at their most organic.  ‘No Stopping‘ finds Geoff and Letitia layering harmonies over a minimal, jungle-inspired arrangement. The track is driven over the sliding bassline, channelling the raw energy of early 90s rave and inspirational calls to keep on running towards your desires, that nothing can stop you getting what you want if you stick to your guns. ‘Circadian‘ completes the selection with a downtempo, euphoric finish with themes of sunset, sunrise and rebirth distorted into a wall of glitchy electronica.

Geoff’s advice for aspiring musicians builds on the ideas of collaboration:

“You already have everything you need to write the track that will define you as an artist … no more technology, no more instruments, no more practice … you just need to be in the right space, at the right time, in the right place … don’t force it, be comfortable, if the ideas don’t come naturally, step away and try again tomorrow. All the years of working up your craft have to be there, but all our best work came together in a matter of hours (if not minutes) in the moment, and we were primed ready to capture and preserve the vibe of that moment in time.”

Lowest Colour was released on 1 September. Get your copy here.

Follow the band at:

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