After a staggering thirteen nominations and wins for his debut track and music video ‘Supernatural’, UK artist, songwriter and producer Kwun released his sophomore single ‘Ancient Ageless & True’ on the 3rd of March 2023.

The words for ‘Ancient Ageless & True’ emerged during a powerful session with a shaman in the Andes Mountains of Peru, allowing the lyrics to flow from a heightened state of awareness. The music was later added, culminating in what is now a universal love song. There’s a particular resonance, beauty and simplicity to the lyrics that have affected listeners very profoundly:

“I know now your love is ancient, ageless and true / I died a thousand deaths today, just to get closer to you.”

The Eagles-inspired track was recorded by Kwun in his former hometown of Glastonbury, working remotely in collaboration with a stellar line-up of studio musicians from Nashville who work alongside Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and Johnny Cash. 

Kwun’s music and its message is often informed by his involvement in the Healing Arts and explorations into Consciousness. In 2021, Kwun started dividing his time between the UK and Tulum, Mexico, seeking inspiration for his music in Tulum’s electrifying atmosphere. He records his music using 432Hz tuning, which is a frequency that aligns with both nature and the human body, as opposed to the commonly used 440Hz standard. The singer-songwriter and producer is at the cutting edge of a movement of conscious artists leading the way into a New Paradigm. His eclectic repertoire skilfully moves between personal and universal themes, weaving a rich tapestry of styles that include Rock, Americana, Funk and all the spaces in between.

Ancient, Ageless and True was released on March 3rd.

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