Pop-country sibling duo Juna N Joey last month released their debut, eponymous EP, containing five tracks full of beautifully crafted harmonies and lyrics.  Seventeen and twenty respectively, Juna and Joey are multii-instrumentalists, whilst Joey is also a singer/songwriter.

The EP begins with their first single, ‘Something Good to Miss‘, a song at the poppier end of their brand of country pop.  Full of great vocals, this upbeat track is full of danceability, something that continues into ‘More Than a Maybe‘.  The storytelling country style comes right to the fore here and by even half way through, you too are hoping and praying for something a lot more than maybe.

My favourite track is ‘I’m So Over You’, about finally getting over the person you have been hung up on and realising you are better off without them.  Juna says “That’s where the line, “Because I’m not havin’ fun this time, I’m done” expresses that sentiment, acknowledging that “you’re not playing these games no more”. So many people do this back and forth and the breakups can sometimes last longer than the actual relationship. That’s what this song is about, and I think we can all relate to that at least that one time.”

The final two tracks on the EP are a full on and acoustic version of ‘Till Your Heart Breaks‘.  In both cases, the song has a piano intro and sets a much slower, quieter pace.  Having two versions of a song right play right after each other means that comparisons are going to be made; however, in this case I think that the two versions really complement each other.

As Juna and Joey are a duo, we have two pieces of advice this week!

Joey: My best advice for an aspiring artist is to record what you look and sound like on stage so you can watch yourself back and learn from it. And to also practice daily. The hours you put in count, and you will be shocked at how much you improve even when you feel there is no more room for growth.
JUNA: My best advice is to not give up when reaching for your dreams because no matter if people support you or don’t if it’s what you love to do and you believe in yourself, that is the only thing that matters. Keep pushing for your goals and do not stop. It takes time–it is the journey to enjoy.

Juna N Joey was released on 26 August. Get your copy here.

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