Copenhagen based singer Josephine Philip released her debut solo album, We Get Lost and Found, earlier this year after performing with and founding several bands, notably JaConfetti, Favelachic and Dullen & Dyken.

Josephine began working on the album during the winter of 2019 with producer and musician Lasse Martinussen and the process accelerated in the pandemic spring of 2020. The mutual isolation that many of us shared became a catalyst for the process and both compositions and lyrics resonate the personal and communal experiences of this period. The album reflects feelings of intense joy, despair, love, frustration and careful optimism, shattered by pessimism, and then briefly relieved by hope. 

Josephine collects influences from a variety of musical backgrounds and these can all be seen and heard in this album; the potential of the human voice is central to each track, as the mercurial nature of Josephine’s own voice is shown in a different, ever changing tone.  Additionally, diverse influences such as choral works, jazz, folk rock, pop and classical are used to great effect throughout.

The track that stands out the most is ‘Deliverance‘, a song that pulses with raw energy, propelled along by a heavy bass line, drums and an almost jagged rock sound. Bleak lyrics surrounding the “…lack of your love…you befriended my broken soul” are given extra meaning by the underlying tension and rawness of the music.  It’s a song that you need to hear more than once or twice.

In complete contrast, ‘The Clue‘ is a contemporary love song that incorporates classic Scandi pop sounds and showcases Josephine’s great vocals.  ‘She Said‘ is another in the same vein, albeit with the addition of an up tempo, toe tapping beat, whereas ‘The Dance of Death‘ is pure nightclub cabaret.  Jazz, experimental and psychedelic flavours are all present in ‘Waiting For Your Love‘, whilst Josephine’s versatility as a musician and composer is evident from the acoustic style of ‘No.7‘ and ‘Little Boy‘  This is an album for those with an eclectic taste in music and for those who want to find out more.

Josephine’s advice for aspiring artists is:

“The music business is hardcore, so if you wanna have a long run always follow your heart and instincts. Make music which makes you happy, whether that is in the narrow art music department or much more commercial music, everyone’s purpose is different, but try to stay true to yourself and find your own way of doing things. Surround yourself with good people and work hard :).”

We Get Lost and Found was released on 20 May on Midnight Confessions Records. Get your copy here.

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