The second you hear the voice of London’s Jessica Wilde, you know you’re in for a vocal treat – she has a “wow” voice.  She also has a highly personal approach to making music, demonstrated by her recently released debut album that charts her journey from addiction and toxic relationships to self-empowerment and sobriety.  Entitled Sober, Waster, Wasted, Sober, the album showcases Jessica’s goose bump inducing voice alongside her personal story.

Daylight‘ is the song that caught my ear as a perfect exponent of Jessica’s classic soul and pop style that seamlessly morphs into a London rap flow. The video is a great story teller addition too.

Before ‘Daylight’, the lead track ‘Heads in The Roses‘ is a dark and meaningful song about the escapism of drug mis-use that sets up the album’s signature soulful sound.  Other highlights include ‘Cruel‘ with a lazy summer haze 90’s classic boom bap hip hop beat and R’n’B vibe and ‘Two Thousand And Five‘ which lets loose Jessica’s soul-baring lyricism via diary entry-like spoken word escapades of drunken, frivolous relationships. 

Jessica explains the ideas behind the album as 

“I’m two years sober and I’ve written an album about my journey. Each song’s drawn from scribbles across pages in my journals from some of the wildest, fun, reckless nights, to the darkest depths of many come downs and toxic relationships as my mirror… as I now commit to living life sober, with meditations in the morning, and a whole lotta self-love.”

The process of writing and making this album has been obviously cathartic for Jessica and the songs that kick started it, ‘Wasted / F*ck You I’m Sober Now‘, forming the centre of the album, encapsulating the record’s ethos fully in its schism between being in every sense of the word both ‘Wasted’ and ‘Sober’.

Jessica’s advice for aspiring artists is all about the fun to be had and the self belief needed to get to wherever you’re going:

“Life is short… so if you love it, do it! Be authentic to you, stand out and stand up… there will be many set backs but Keep going, keep believing, follow what lights you up! Count your blessings every day…. Don’t take yourself too serious, have fun init!”

Sober, Wasted, Waster, Sober was released on March 11th. Get your copy here.

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