Accomplished musician and composer Jackson Mico Milas released his debut album in November.  Entitled Blu Terra, the album brings together eleven tender and emotive songs.

Blu Terra is a mature and elegant journey through some heartfelt emotions imagined in song, building on Jackson’s experience in numerous musical fields.  Acoustic, alt-folk and jazz elements mix with a sometime lo-fi sound and a myriad of musical influence to produce a smooth, flowing whole that belies the complex structures running beneath each song.  Jackson is helped immensely by his supporting players that include Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie ‘Blackstar’), Robby Sinclair (Chet Faker/Nick Murphy), Troy Simms (Lee Scratch Perry) and Veronique Serret (Joanna Newsom’s Y’s Street Band).

The outstanding track for me is ‘Birds of Passage‘, an acoustic led beauty that aches with lyrical flow.

Jackson’s advice for aspiring musicians is as follows:

“! found that the best way for me is to turn up and work diligently every day. Monday – Friday. Artists like Nick Cave, Patti Smith and David Lynch all have things to say about this way of working. I tried working under the influence of a bit of alcohol or marijuana, and I’ve tried writing only “when inspired”. In other words kind of associating working on music with recreation in the mind. This never sat right with me and it doesn’t yield good results that stand the test of time – for me.  Lastly, be open to how opportunities arise. They may not be exactly how you imagined them. 

A couple of relevant quotes:

“Don’t fear writers block. Get a setup, and be patient” – David Lynch

“Build a good name. Keep your name clean” – Patti Smith

Blu Terra was released on November 11th on Apollo Records.

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