Here at Angry Baby we’ve been spoilt for choice over the last few weeks and we thought we’d have a singles round up.  First up, we have American dynamo Harper Starling with ‘Say My Name‘, an upbeat, poppy song with powerful vocals soaring over dance pop beats that are destined to fill the floor. A sense of vulnerability hovers just under the surface but the overriding message is of strength and the will to rise, something that Harper is familiar with following a diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome at eight.  That was never going to stop Harper though, as proved by her recent UK tour with The Wanted.

We then move onto Toronto based (via Kenya & Rwanda) Jozemwho has returned after a short break to share his introspective, beautifully crafted, completely self-produced new single ‘Goderich‘. Sitting somewhere in the realms of alternative R&B, future soul and Lo-fi loveliness Goderich has come into being as a result of the pressures artists feel in order to constantly create, it explores the journey that is creativity. Jozem says that  “Goderich is a song about letting go, a song about falling in and out of love with my creative process and realizing that it is in these ‘in between’ moments of quiet that you will again find the love and inspiration. Once I let go, it came back overflowing”…

‘Ready To Be Better’ from Maddox Jones is an up tempo, upbeat song about the moment of awakening the desire within us to be better.  It’s a song of redemption and wonder with a fabulous feel-good factor that celebrates the continual evolution of the human psyche.  Maddox says of the writing process “I remember picking up my guitar New Year’s Eve 2020 and I was in a place where I was pretty much sick of my own s**t. I decided to write a song about exactly where I was at that time. I looked at the time on my phone, took a deep breath and let the words pour out of me.  “It’s a quarter past 3 on New Year’s Eve but it could be any day from the past few years I’m skating on ice, fighting my vices yeah.” It’s basically like an extrapolated version of waking up with a hangover saying, “I’m never drinking again”. I felt like I’d let people down and I wanted to say sorry. Two years deep into Covid it feels relevant in a whole new way, I think we’re all ready to be better.”

Magnetic Skies, a band we’ve featured before, have a new single, ‘I Opened Up My Eyes‘ and it’s another up tempo banger with a cracking beat and layers of synth rock.  Immense danceability.

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