A solo artist from Turkey, based in London, In Hoodies had never studied music, and never shared his music with anyone, until one day, as he explains, he felt an inner power and a deep desire to send it to some producers. It caught the attention of Chris Potter and together they recorded several songs. The most magical thing, from his point of view, is that he always felt he was too late to start music – he didn’t pick up a guitar until the age of 19. But he worked hard and was inspired and passionate and now he does what he loves as a career.

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In Hoodies is a genuine, easy to talk to guy. All that he says about his music comes from the heart

‘She Got Caught’ is a firm favourite amongst all of the songs we give away on Angry Baby. Everything about the song makes it listenable, as different aspects work well in different moods. The melody is relaxing and calm, but there is a quality that’s much more than that, and it adds another level to the music entirely.

My Con is similar, another playlist favourite for sure.

In Hoodie’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music is modest yet inspirational:

‘I don’t feel I’m the right person to give advice young musicians, as I am also just starting to walk in my way, although I feel a little late. And the music business (what a dirty word, by the way), like everything in the world, changes so quickly. But I feel alive while I am making music. That’s the only time when I feel I am ok, my life has a meaning, ‘I’ as a soul mean something…and I start to feel like myself.

This makes me build this place where nothing was there before, and after something is done, I hope this thing means something to someone. That’s why I started sharing music, after years of waiting. I understand that some songs might be memories for people. They might feel something beautiful, yet sad…something good but with an ache.

So a musician, who feels this kind of passion, should never give up. They should constantly create and share with people. Isn’t it the meaning of life, in some way? Yes.. maybe that’s the only thing I can say…never give up, because music is sacred, because music saves…just be true to yourself, express your soul, channel your being to something beautiful.’

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