Finding an artist with a distinctive voice is always a pleasure. Since we first discovered Essex-based Helen Connelly, back in 2015, we’ve been fans of her jazz-pop vibe. We followed her progress with the release of her single “Behind Your Eyes” last year, and we’re eagerly anticipating the imminent release of her EP, Garden of Kisses. Our patience has been rewarded with a single from the EP, “Do You Remember”. Find out more about Helen, and grab some of her music here, then find out more about “Do You Remember”.

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Opening with ascending piano, “Do You Remember” offers the simplest of backdrops for Helen’s almost-a capella intro. With a voice like that, who needs instrumentation? Yet it builds, layer upon layer, tantalisingly bluesy, with little hints of influences far and wide. Listen carefully and there’s even a bit of Bollywood in there, alongside sharp percussion, electro, tango and torch song. And oh the voice!

If you can bring yourself back to the lyrics, this is a song of reminiscence. Yearning for the days of new love, “blissfully high under a summer haze” but curiously without conclusion. Does it end badly? Do those early passions lead to a long-term affair? Helen leaves it up to you, closing with a call to reflection “would we turn back time?” As the Northern Hemisphere moves into a (hopefully) long and lazy summer, “Do You Remember” could be the anthem of the season.

Helen is proud to have worked with Grammy Award-winner Simon Gogerly and producer Ian Post – whose credentials between them include U2, Paloma Faith, Massive Attack and Alicia Keyes – to create “Do You Remember”.

Finally, Helen’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music is all about getting out there and performing:

“Go to open mics to gain experience and meet fellow singers and musicians. Competitions can be great platforms and also a good networking opportunity. Networking is very important. Learn about the industry, never give up and always believe in yourself. It’s a journey, not a race. Don’t rush, take your time and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. You’ll have lots of fun and meet awesome like-minded people”.

Check out Helen’s live dates, including the deliciously meaty Maldon Smoke and Fire Festival – here and keep in touch with Helen Connelly via:

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