London based singer songwriter Hattie Briggs has been around music all her life, and two years into a Russian degree, decided to become a full time musician. Awards such as being named the first ever winner of Fender Undiscovered Artist of the Year in 2017, followed and five years on from that momentous decision, has just embarked on a twenty one date UK tour supporting Alfie Boe.
I caught up with Hattie in February to talk about her music and how she was spotted by Alfie in Paddington Station. Hattie says that “I was busking in one of my regular slots at Paddington Station when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone who looked like Alfie Boe. I tried to acknowledge him / make eye contact and he stopped and listened for a while. He gave me some change and listened a bit more and then went and got his train. I didn’t think any more of it until after, when I saw he had messaged me on Instagram, complimenting my voice.” Not long after, Alfie invited Hattie on tour with him, something Hattie says was “really exciting…I remember going to see him in Les Mis with my mum a few years ago.”

Busking has paid off for Hattie in this instance and it’s something that she loves doing, as well as performing gigs in venues around the country and recording and releasing her own music. Two albums have been previously released but in 2018, Hattie decided to change her approach and release a series of singles, something that her loyal fans have lapped up. The latest, ‘Ma Regine’, in French and English, tells the story of Ken and Regine, who met in 1973 and corresponded for two years. Still together, the song is from Ken to Regine. The song has a lovely lilting, whimsical melody and evokes a feeling of love; not the giddy, sweep you off your feet love but the enduring love that lasts a lifetime. Hattie’s rich, soulful voice suits the guitar accompaniment and tune perfectly and the lyrics are spot on.

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Three more singles, ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Early Girl’ and ‘Up To You’ preceded ‘Ma Regine’ and the stand out of these is ‘Up To You’.  Full of upbeat, jazzy pop sounds, the song has you up and dancing from the start – it won’t be long either before you’re singing along.  The chorus is super catchy as well and shows that Hattie has a talent for lyrics.  It’s a joyful song.

‘Say Goodbye’ is a beautifully layered pop ballad which comes as a bittersweet counterpoint to ‘Up To You’, whilst ‘Early Girl’ portrays Hattie’s folk origins before building into a richer melody.  The quality of Hattie’s voice shines throughout all these songs, linking them into a seamless whole.

Excitingly, Hattie has a new single scheduled for release in April, and it’s a duet with upcoming singer songwriter Joe Dolman.  Titled ‘So Far To Fall’, the song is a departure from the previous singles in that it is a piano led tune.  The song starts softly, describing finding new love before becoming an exploration of sustaining a relationship and being “brave enough to let somebody love you”.  Indeed, it’s hard to “risk it all when you know that there’s so far to fall.” Hattie and Joe’s voices blend together very well – I’d like to hear more from them.

Hattie’s advice to young musicians is very practical and is something that she does her herself, and benefits from: busking.  Hattie describes busking as rehearsing in front of an audience, it’s free publicity and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn your craft and dealing with audiences.  So, be brave and sing with confidence.

So Far to Fall will be released on April 19th. Get your copy here.

Catch Hattie ON TOUR with Alfie Boe through to April 17th. Or if you can’t make it, follow her at:

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