Blending Irish, Balkan and other folk traditions. Francesca Romana Fabris describes her songs as ‘folk-pop, influenced by latin rhythms, with a large use of improv and some jazz arrangements‘. She writes in both English and Italian. Her European heritage, where storylines don’t always follow an easy narrative, is reflected in her videos and in her musical style.

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It’s definitely folk in origin, but there’s an up-beat pop vibe to ‘Fly Away’ that demands that you dance along, whether in your kitchen or (if you are on the bus or somewhere else that dancing doesn’t go down well) in your head. It’s definitely a feel-good tune so keep it in your music collection for those days when you’re happy and need something to match your mood, or when you’re a bit low and need something to cheer you up. In fact, any day – it’s your portable musical smile 🙂

Francesca’s international style is reflected in her music education – she studied music at St. Louis Music School, Scuola Popolare di Musica Testaccio in Rome and Goldsmiths College London. Her five albums include three which feature her original songs and two based on traditional folk music. Her most recent album ‘So Close To You’ was recorded and mixed in Rome in 2014.

As well as making her own music, Francesca contributed to a bimonthly magazine about folk and traditional music “Traditional Arranged”, writing articles, reviewing cds and reporting on international folk festivals. She is also a writer of poems and tales. Her novel “Chiamalo Amore” is available on AMAZON – but not translated into English, so it might be time to brush up on Italian again!

Finally, here is Francesca’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music:

‘First of all: don’t let the others decide if you are too old, or too young, or too jazzy or too pop…do whatever you feel and you love doing. Just be original, it is the only thing we can keep as artists.

To create your own style you have to experiment, listen to the others, make mistakes, change…nothing is easy, but it is your own way and wherever you will arrive it will be yours. Don’t expect success, at least not immediately, things are slow and it is a long journey, but it is great…that’s why we all are still here. enjoy’

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