Days Indoors is a British Rock band formed in 2015 and made up of long-time collaborators Joe Killington on vocals and Jean-Marc Valat on drums, as well as Gonçalo Charneca (aka Gonzo) on guitars and Mathew D. Seal on bass. The band is influenced by Athlete, Stereophonics, Band of Horses, Lower Than Atlantis, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Lifehouse, GhostPoet, Incubus, Radiohead and Doves, among many others, its inspiration taken from the unexpected beauty that everyday experience sometimes brings.

Two Feet Under from Days Indoors is easy to listen to.  This isn’t to suggest that Days Indoors, and their new album don’t rock. Take the gut punch of the intro drums to ‘Mesmeric for example, or a few seconds into album opener ‘End of The Road’, where the track accelerates from the lights into the horizon. There are crunchy guitars, raspy vocals and guttural drums clashes aplenty. It’s still refreshingly easy to listen to however.


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With a sound that recalls early Stereophonics, guitar hooks dive bomb in from every angle; this is music to montage to. The lead guitar that runs through Shade’ is, ironically enough, the sound of light coming through a crack in the concrete. The track tells stories of overcoming after “failing a million times”, and making “abstract versions of a better self”, its an early album highlight.


With this musical backdrop, songs about reflection will naturally fit like a glove, and this is the case with ‘Never Again‘. A song sounding like it has been channelled through AOR heavyweights such as The Calling or The Goo Goo Dolls, it takes a simple chorus sentiment (“I will never fall in love again!!”) and lets it spread its wings.

Special mention to Joe Killington on vocals. With a tone that sits somewhere between The Fray and Augustana, it fits a plateau that is both gravelly and smooth, both aggressive and calming.

Ultimately, with Days Indoors, the sound you will get is one that evokes emotion and passion, one that soars but carries you along for the ride.

The band’s advice for young musicians is as much about the business side of the music business as well as the creative side:

“Follow your heart, work your skills and make contacts within the music industry. Be passionate about what you want out of the music. You want to be a songwriter or studio musician, make sure you know what you want out of it. Train and rehearse as much as you possibly can but never forget the genuine side of your talent. Music is about a vibe and emotions so should always sound that way. And get your self into the music world, publishing companies, A&Rs and all good contact that will take you a long way. Obviously, you need to have a good product too and that should be the essence of it all”

Two Feet Under was released on March 1st. Get your copy here.

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